Barrington Funds

The Barrington fund was implemented for families in Barrington, Illinois that needs short term help with utilities, medical, housing, and other financial related matter, that threatens the quality of living.

25 Years ago, the Michael Joseph Foundation was started to help a Barrington family experiencing a housing crisis. Today it helps provide housing to families in the Chicagoland area through eight apartments it manages. The foundation works hand in hand with Northwest Compass, WINGS and Catholic Charities to assist the families with support to help them recover from their crisis. Recently the foundation started a new program to assist Barrington families who have been so generous for the last 25 years. The foundation along with a grant from the Barrington Area Community Foundation, has set aside money to assist Barrington area families experiencing a housing, health or financial crisis. To date we are currently assisting two local families who were in need.

The Michael Joseph Foundation works in conjunction with our agencies to be sure the families are good fit for this program. The interview process determines whether the family is able and willing to work their way back to self-sufficiency.

Family 1

We were notified about the first family from Hope Ministries. This was a mother and adult son living in a motel room in Barrington. After using both of their salaries to pay the weekly rent and grocery bills there was little money remaining. They were basically stuck on a never- ending treadmill of hand to mouth existence. Because of their sincere efforts to work hard and be self-sufficient NWC qualified them for the MJF apartment program. They now enjoy a two-bedroom apartment at a much-reduced rent which will allow them to start saving money for their future. Shortly after moving into the apartment their sole means of transportation broke down. MJF loaned them the money to pay for the repairs so that they could continue going to work. The foundation is also setting aside a small monthly amount to assist the family in being able to put down a security deposit for their next apartment. When they eventually move out it will allow for MJF to help another family. In most cases families, can transition to being self-supporting in 12 to 15 months. This is achieved through the support of MJF and all the other agencies working together.

Family 2

After exhausting all family and friend resources for assistance this Barrington area woman found the MJF website. She contacted one of the foundation members late Thursday evening and explained her situation. She was getting ready to file for divorce and they were being evicted that weekend. Fortunately, the foundation had one open apartment in need of a family. Calls were made to Northwest Compass and she was interviewed the next day. NWC determined that she did qualified for assistance. The next step was to have her apply and pass the apartment complex application review. They quickly processed her application and we received the green light Friday afternoon. Saturday, she could move her daughter and herself into the 2-bedroom unit. Working with NWC she will learn the importance of money management and work towards transitioning back on her own. This will allow another family to enter the program so we can continue to help the people of Barrington in need.

For more information please contact us:

Michael Joseph Foundation
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Michael Joseph Foundation
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